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North Potomac, MD


Occupational/Public Health, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Rehabilitation, Wound Care, Management/Admin, Emergency/Trauma, Case Management, Disabilities


Professional Achievements:

President Delaware Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. 2001-2003, 2015-2017.  

NorthEast Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc.  (NEAOHN, Inc.)  Nominating Committee Chair. 

NEAOHN Nominating Committee; Board of Directors 2001-2003, 2015-2017. 

2018 - Delaware Top Nurse Nominee, Occupational Health.

Favorite Thing About My Profession:

To my colleagues, my philosophy:  

(1) To Travel Fast, Travel Alone.  To Travel Far, Travel Together.

(2)  Work is an extension of our personality.  Our work is acheivement. Work defines us.  Work measures our worth and our humanity.  Work and contribution that leaves the workplace a better place ... is worthy of  our respect.  

(3) It's not enough for a business to do well;  it must also do good;  But in order to do good, a business must first, do well.                                                                                

(4) Pursue perfection in your work, however elusive. 

(5)  To be effective, a nurse, cannot / should not have more unsolvable problems than the client.

(6)  80% of life and work is showing up, being present.

(7) Know thy time. How our time is spent; where out time actually goes; how to use time to be effective in all activities of daily living, including work.

Work History

Retired . OH Consulting. in North Potomac, MD
Retired Occupational Health Nurse & Workers Compensation Nurse Case Manager — December, 1978 to present


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