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Staff Associate, Nurse Practitioner (NP) New

Bridgewater, MA


Hiring Company

Bridgewater State University

Positions Available

Full Time

Salary Information

$68,000 to $73,000

No recruiters please

Position Description

This is a 12-month, Massachusetts licensed nurse practitioner position. This position provides clinical care and has prescription authority to treat college-age students and pediatric (minor) patients who are enrolled in programs at Bridgewater State University.

In the summer, June 15th – August 15th, and during K-12 vacations, this NP serves as the university health consultant.

This is an exempt, APA unit position and is subject to the terms of that union agreement.

Essential Duties:

1. Provide care of common health problems including general-medical, GU-GYN; provide prescriptions as necessary, athletic & employment physical exams, reproductive health, weight checks, and referrals.
2. Write prescriptions as dictated by license.
3. Give prevention and health education when appropriate.
4. Along with RNs provides walk-in treatment of patients.
5. Performs such other duties and responsibilities as the Clinical Director of Health Services, Senior Director of the Wellness Center may direct.

In addition to the essential duties;

1. Update medical protocols and serve as the Health Consultant for summer, weekend and break programs, reviewing paperwork and arranging training of health supervisors (for each program).
2. Assess and treat minor illnesses and injuries; provide basic first aid.
3. Provide supervision and arrange training for health supervisors.
4. Dispense medications or supervise the health supervisors who dispense medications as prescribed in written doctor’s order with parental permission (signature).
5. Provide orientation and guidance to summer program staff in regards to illness and injury prevention.
6. Insure that programs have at least one person, who is with students at all times, who is trained in first aid, CPR and Epi-pen use.
7. Initiate emergency transports as needed.
8. Provide oversight, maintain accurate and timely log of first aid, accidents, and medication dispensing.
9. Keep the program director informed of all situations.
10. Cover or arrange call coverage as needed.

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