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<span class="user-name "><span class="user-name__text">Julie Orr</span></span>

Julie Orr

Bluffton, SC


OB/GYN/L&D, Occupational/Public Health, School Health, Womens Health, Ambulatory Care, Educational/Research, Family, Psychiatric, Rehabilitation


Professional Achievements:

Assisted in delivery of over 375 babies, actually delivered 3 unassisted (back in 80's, 90's)

Taught CPR/First Aid to hundreds of GEICO associates while working at my last paying job for 6+ years through AHA Certification as CPR instructor.

Volunteer at BJVIM (free clinic in Bluffton, SC) since September of 2016 and love providing services to the uninsured.  I believe in public health, community health.

Served as  Secretary of Seneca Valley Chapter of AAOHN for over two years.  Active in that chapter for over five years.  Hosted and planned educational events for this chapter at GEICO.

Favorite Thing About My Profession:

Ability to impact health of others in a positive way. 


Good listener, personable, dependable.

I have been told I have great teaching skills.

Cool in a crisis, I managed many at GEICO Corporate Headquarters through the years there.

Work History

BJVIM (Bluffton Jasper Volunteers in Medicine) in Bluffton, SC
Volunteering as a Staff Nurse. I work both with the GYN doctors as well as the Internal Medicine doctors. — September, 2016 to present

Education History

George Mason University
May, 1985


Professional Contacts