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Debi Blank

Debi Blank
RN, Health Educator

Bar Harbor, Me.


Pediatrics, School Health, Educational/Research


Professional Achievements:

OR nursing including a supervisory level; I began an early version of a peri-operative nursing program at a large Philadelphia hospital. I spent years as a Labor & Delivery nurse back home in Maine, where I still live. I began school nursing in 1985 in a small rural town in Maine. I built the program up from an 1/5 FTE covering 2 schools and ~500 students to a 75% FTE. Besides being a regularly hired employee of a school district, I have worked as an outside contractor in 3 small rural towns and also as placed by an agency.

Favorite Thing About My Profession:

I have had three specialities and have loved all three. There are so many opportunities in nursing that almost every nurse can find something they can enjoy. And in a place where (s)he wants to live. We are such a diverse group, yet we usually get along well with each other.


I don't believe in labeling myself along racial lines, I am human and so are all my students and patients. I believe we don't inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children and try to act accordingly as much as possible

Work History

MDI Hospital/Trenton Elementary School in Trenton, Me
School Nurse — August, 2014 to present
Maine School Union #91 in Bucksport, ME
School Nurse — September, 1985 to May, 2009
Maine CSU #25 in Bucksport, ME
School Nurse —

Education History

NE Baptist Hospital School of Nursing
September, 1971 to June, 1974

University of Maine at Farmington
September, 1986 to May, 1990


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