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K. Shea Mobley

K. Shea Mobley
Nursing Faculty- & Association of Nursing Students Faculty Advisor

Hanceville, AL


Educational/Research, OB/GYN/L&D, Womens Health


Professional Achievements:


Currently enrolled in the Ph.D. in Nursing Education program through University of Northern Colorado, anticipated graduation year 2020

Favorite Thing About My Profession:

I have an opportunity to impact the future of nursing through my role as an educator in the Alabama Community College System. I have been designated the faculty advisor to the Wallace State Community College Association of Nursing Students. We belong to the National Student Nurses' Association. 


As a professional nurse and educator in the community college system for 13 years, I value diversity in nursing practice and education. I want to learn more about other cultures, ethnicities and the health needs of their communities. I also want to influence the nursing students that I teach and encounter positively.


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