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Cynthia Herda

Cynthia Herda
CHT/Nursing Student

Peoria, AZ




Professional Achievements:

As I pursue my nursing dreams, I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience far beyond what I could achieve in the classroom and explore the many educational opportunities that would ensure my success at being a great nurse. Over the past few summers, I have participated in studying abroad to enrich my educational experience.

Through this experience, I discovered that it can be difficult to articulate a vision, but it is an essential element in leadership. I learned that a leader needs to initiate structure, be considerate of others, have charisma, treat others as individuals, and provide intellectual stimulation. I discovered that people are often willing to do more for the leader who is willing to get their hands dirty and who does it without complaining. I have learned how to be a better servant leader.

I learned how serve my team by adapting to changes with confidence, humility, determination, and perseverance. I developed skills to empower my team to seek out their potential. I found the value of commitment in global issues and discovered strategies to be successful and how to research the needs in our community and establishing a common goal.  I was shown the value of committees and use the art of brainstorming to develop the actions needed to execute our ideas and to overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be present to achieve our goals. I learned how to provide support by recruiting volunteers to help in project implementation and promotion.  I learned how to provide my team with physical support by participation, emotional support by helping them assess their progress and adjust to circumstances by creating an awareness of the importance of seeking multiple perspectives to enhance their understanding and improve their ability to make decisions so they will be successful in their endeavors and how to lead by example.

This opportunity gave me an increased sense of global awareness regarding world events and well as an inflated interest in other cultures and societies. It gave me a desire to promote and encourage a critical awareness of world issues such as universal healthcare, social work, and a commitment to engagement on a global scale. Studying abroad taught me how to approach cultural barriers in communication and avoid them in a variety of situations. Leading our group project helped me become better problem solver, to think creatively, and develop skills necessary for cross-cultural encounters or interactions.

Favorite Thing About My Profession:

My favorite thing about nursing is the diversity. I love helping people and in nursing you have the diversity to help people in all sorts of different settings, all sorts of diffrent issues, and all sorts of different people, from zero to dead. Yes, I said dead because even when someone dies, we can help them go with dignity and peace and we can still help the families after they are gone or help the family let them go. That is why I want to get into case management, to treat the WHOLE person and all the wonderfuls parts to that person that God created and gave me the blessing of taking care of their needs.