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Julie Orr

Julie Orr

Chevy Chase, MD


Family , Geriatrics, OB/GYN/L&D, Occupational/Public Health, Psychiatric, School Health, Womens Health


Professional Achievements:
completed OHN Certification class (not test) at JHU September 2013. Assisted delivery of over 350 babies. Counseled families preparing for home births. AHA CPR trainer, certified.
Favorite Thing About My Profession:
I love helping associates at GEICO. I enjoy meeting people and learning about them.
I feel there is dignity and worth in every soul and am honored to serve and help them in their journey through life.

Work History

GEICO in 4520 Willard Avenue
Sr. Occ. Health Nurse — February, 2009 to present

Education History

George Mason University School of Nursing
September, 1982 to May, 1985