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LIVE Webinar | Monetizing Your Clinical Knowledge as a Nurse Consultant


Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 6:00pm CT - 7:00pm CT
This event has ended.



Nurses have shared their clinical expertise to advance healthcare for as long as our roles have existed. Now more than ever, professional nurses are sharing their knowledge to advance healthcare as Nurse Consultants. Nurse Consultants are experts in their specialty of practice and provide guidance and advice to medical and non-medical organizations. Nurse Consultants work independently in a variety of specialties and share a common goal of identifying challenges and introducing solutions within a organization. Consulting yields great opportunities for nurses to become involved in the forefront of healthcare decision making. Many nurses however are not knowledgeable about consulting, and miss the opportunity to share their clinical expertise. This seminar eliminates that knowledge gap.


De'Chelle "Elle" Pierson RN, CPXP